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A solid and trustworthy brutalist building silhouetted against a dark starry sky.jpg
A solid and trustworthy brutalist building silhouetted against a dark starry sky.jpg

Building the Future of Economic Measurement 

Explore the power of data-driven decisions with Foundation.


Foundation measures the narratives that drive economic outcomes. We are dedicated to changing the landscape of economic and financial data by providing comprehensive narrative indices combined with traditional economic data, empowering businesses to make faster, better, data-driven decisions.

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Empowering Businesses with Cutting-Edge AI Fintech Solutions


Foundation's automotive customer complaint indices help you detect emerging quality issues faster, better predict product demand, and  anticipate trends in the automotive industry.

Consumer Banking

Foundation's consumer banking complaint indices help you see which banks and services are performing well and which aren't.

Central Bank Watch

Central banks move markets. Foundation transforms that impact into quantified, directly tradable data. Foundation provides customers with access to a suite of global macroeconomic trend data from the Fed and soon to include other central banks.

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Our Mission

Measuring the Narratives that Drive Economic Outcomes

At Foundation, we believe the economy is social. It exists in ideas and connections between people. Our mission is to create a fuller picture of economic activity by measuring the narratives that drive economic behavior.

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